F1 Exhaust Lamp

If you’re a Formula 1 fan or a motorsport enthusiast, you’re going to love this lamp. It’s created by artist Geoffrey Escudero, who creates art, furniture and accessories made from legendary Formula One vehicles parts.

The first lamp was created in 2017 and is made from an exhaust from the V6 era of Formula 1. A second lamp has been produced in 2021 and is now available for sale. The exhausts are hand-polished, it’s powered with 12 volts LED bulbs and can be turned on and off remotely using a remote.

This lamp is functional and beautiful— it is an opportunity to show off your love for F1 racing while decorating your room, office or garage!

Motorsport memorabilia and automobilia are also high value investments which increase in value over time.

Formula 1 Exhaust Lamp Polished by The Supercar Store