Marlboro Honda-McLaren Exhaust Sculpture, Made With Original Parts Designed for Ayrton Senna’s F1 Car.


“The Final Lap” – Geoffrey Escudero 

Escudero’s tribute to Senna uses an exhaust designed for the McLaren MP4/6, the car that the Brazilian drove to title victory in 1991. No one can say for sure that this actual exhaust was fitted to a car Senna definitely drove, but its 1991 McLaren provenance is unquestioned.

It is presented it in a way that would convey Senna’s strength of character. In this, Escudero was inspired by the arrangement of the system’s 12 pipes, which, he thought, resembled the muscles and structure of a human chest. With this in mind, he decided to present the exhaust vertically. Attached to a stainless-steel pole fixed to a heavy steel plinth clad in carbon fibre, the sculpture is 230cm tall, bringing the system to eye level for maximum impact. Poignantly, he called the sculpture The Final Lap.

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