Masterpiece in Motion: Ferrari 599 GTB Engine Transformed into a Coffee Table

At The Supercar Store, we take pride in transforming automotive parts into functional pieces of art. In a remarkable collaboration with a client who faced a devastating engine breakdown in their beloved Ferrari 599 GTB, we were presented with a unique opportunity to repurpose the engine into an exquisite coffee table, perfect for their new home. From ideation to delivery, we meticulously crafted this exceptional conversation starter for petrolheads and design enthusiasts alike.

Crafting a One-of-a-Kind Creation:
The journey began with a detailed sketch, translating the client’s vision into a tangible concept. Every aspect of the coffee table was meticulously planned and executed. The solid walnut base, expertly CNC machined to perfectly match the contours of the engine’s sump, provided a sturdy foundation for this automotive masterpiece.

Attention to Detail:
To encapsulate the spirit of Formula 1 racing and pay homage to the Ferrari’s heritage, we manufactured custom-built stainless steel exhaust inspired by Formula 1 cars. Not only did they guarantee stability, but they also added an unparalleled aesthetic quality. On the other side, carbon fibre supports further enhanced the design and balance of the table to support the glass piece.

Function Meets Style:
The glass surface, delicately positioned around the engine block, served as a showcase for the intricate machinery. The combination of industrial elements and refined craftsmanship transformed the table into a true work of art. This unique piece undoubtedly impresses any visitor with its exclusive design and captivating backstory.

A Conversation Starter:
Beyond its functional purpose, this coffee table serves as a powerful symbol for passionate petrolheads and automotive enthusiasts. It ignites conversations and evokes admiration for the fusion of mechanical engineering and artistic expression. Owning this one-of-a-kind creation is not just a luxury but an invitation to celebrate the allure of automotive prowess.

From rescuing a broken engine to transforming it into a stunning coffee table, we showcase expertise and dedication to craftsmanship. This remarkable project not only provided an innovative solution but also breathed new life into an iconic automotive component. If you’re a petrolhead seeking a must-have conversation piece that blends functionality and style, look no further. Discover the allure of our creations and embrace the captivating world of automotive art.


Glass supports made in aluminium and stainless steel covered with real carbon sleeve.


Engine Parts have been sonic cleaned and bolts have been replaced by stainless steel components.


Inlet manifold has been resprayed with original Ferrari wrinkle paint.

Ferrari 599 GTB V12 Engine Table by The Supercar Store

12mm 2000x1200mm low iron ultra clear toughened glass top with 25mm radius corners.


Stainless steel exhaust manifolds bespoke made for this project and mirror polished.


Bespoke CNC machined base made with solid american walnut and lacquered.


Laser cut Ferrari end plate mirror polished with red background.

Ferrari 599 GTB V12 Engine Table by The Supercar Store
Ferrari 599 GTB V12 Engine Table by The Supercar Store