F1 Exhaust Speaker

We have been informed on 10/01/2022 of the existence of a patent for creating “DEVICE FOR THE DIFFUSION OF SOUND” using car exhaust. Therefore, we are obliged to make this product unavailable.

With this F1 Exhaust speaker, you can discover the luxury of listening to music with an unique and authentic Formula 1 exhaust which has been raced and tested in the FIA F1 World Championship by Red Bull Racing. 

4 times F1 Constructors World Champions, the RB7 chassis was driven by defending champion Sebastian Vettel and Australian driver Mark Webber in the 2011 FIA season that made history for Red Bull winning both of the drivers and constructors’ championship that year. 

With know how, creativity and incredible craftsmanship, the artist Geoffrey Escudero brings legendary supercar and motorsport original components into designer objects. This cool high-end speaker combine genuine F1 component, real carbon fibre base, quality mirror polishing, engineering excellence and the acoustic quality of a hi-fi audio system with Bluetooth connectivity.

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